Hemlis update #4 – First video!


Can’t wait for Hemlis!

Originally posted on Hemlis blog:

We thought it was time to give you a look at the alpha apps! So we made a short video showing conversation between two Android clients and one iPhone client.

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5 responses to “Hemlis update #4 – First video!

  1. Brenda

    What was this, Lovey?

  2. Maddie

    Hi Xoaquima,
    How are you? Are you still taking the Ketamine? Please let us know how you are doing…
    Best wishes

    • Hi Maddie,

      Yes, I am still taking the ketamine and it is still working.
      I’m down to a once-a-week dose, so the new protocol is working
      on schedule.

      Thanks for your interest!


      • Karen

        Is it still working well for you? I am scheduled to have iv ketamine in a week and am so nervous that I will not respond to it. Maybe after iv infusions, I could try the intranasal. Thanks!

      • Maddie

        Hi there, good luck with your IV Ketamine…I had three infusion once a week before Christmas and unfortunately I didn’t respond to it at all – very disappointing – don’t know what to try next, maybe deep brain stimulation thou I’m not sure my depression is severe enough.
        The fact you responded to nasal ketamine should bode well for your IV infusion – I was given 35mg – let us know how you do and very best of luck. Maddie

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